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Check out some of our favorite covers below. Get a taste of what we have to offer!

Hale and Hall Acoustic Music Green Bay Band

Give Me One Reason | Cover by Hale & Hall

During the Summer of 2022, Hale & Hall was invited to be a part of a huge event in Green Bay called 'All Bands on Deck.' Here is a video captured by Midwest Music Enthusiast where we cover Tracy Chapman's classic song, "Give Me One Reason."

Click above to listen!

Come Together | Cover by Hale & Hall

One of the most notable features of Hale & Hall is their affinity for taking classic songs and turning them on their sides to create a brand new sound. Here is their version of "Come Together" by The Beatles performed during the summer of 2023.

Click above to listen!

We Have Original Music, Too!

Our fans have quickly taken to our original music including favorites such as "Mid July," "Doin' Hard Time," "Sober," "Please Don't Make Me Say Goodbye," "18 Years," and many more! Here is a video of one of our most requested singles, "Daddy's Little Girl."

Click above to listen!

Want To Hear More? 

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